Fibonacci retracement grid
Fib Grid

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Transform your trading with the Fib & Click GridTM....

Fib Grid
Would you like to know where reversal points are, in advance?
Fib Grid

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Let me show you how you can apply a fibonacci retracement grid 'Fib & Click GridTM'  to help you find where reversal areas are most likely

For hundreds of years the principles laid down by Leonardo Fibonacci have been applied throughout the world in which we live and trading the markets is no exception.

Now you can learn how traders, who use secretive Fibonacci trading techniques can find reversal areas when others are left floundering!

Hi, I'm George Hallmey developer of the fibonacci retracement grid, Fib & Click GridTM Over the years I've studied dozens of trading techniques and systems that just didn't work for me. I have used the basic technique of calculating a fibonacci retracements for years and I found this works on some markets, some of the time. So I had my own fibonacci trading software designed.

So just how does the basic technique work?

Quite simply, if you can observe the most recent high and low, can calculate two simple percentages of 61.8% and 38.2% and draw a couple of lines then that's all there is to it.

But... as I found over many years of studying the technique, there was more to it than that. I wanted a method that was much more reliable and the basic method taught in most fibonacci trading books just wasn't good enough to provide more winners than losers.

I went on a journey of learning everything I could about  Fibonacci trading, using cycles, Fibonacci retracement, extensions, fans and arcs and so on but the whole process left me frustrated. As I added complexity, my results just didn't improve.

I then went further and met up with and interviewed some of the best Fibonacci practitioners and several others who are not so well known. Gradually, I put a number of things together that I had been using with those that I picked up along the way and it all started to fall into place. At last I found how to make Fibonacci trading software work for me.

By now I was using three elements of Fibonacci trading, each one very easy to master but I did more research and found that some markets just did not re-act to the standard Fibonacci retarcement percentages of 61.8 and 38.2% but I then found a series of further %ages that suddenly transformed the whole process.

And then the Fib & Click Grid

The final part of the learning process was to find a way calculating not only fibonacci retracement but also fiboanacci extensions and, to find when price would change, I needed time extensions.

Most charting programs have a Fibonacci grid as part of the deal but they are not all the same, indeed I even found one the didn't calculate the percentages correctly!

I don't like to pay big money for charts with all the bells and whistles when I am only using a few of them. Also, not many Fib charting packages would do everything I wanted. I needed extensions, retracements with time and cycles, and I wanted to be able to use my own special percentages that I had discovered work so well, so I decided to have my own Fib & Click Grid programmed.

I gave Nick, my Ukranian programmer, the spec with everything that I wanted for a fibonacci grid and a month later he produced the finished product. He even added some more features that I hadn't thought of.

The Fibonacci Grid will overlay on anything on your screen, so if I have an image of a chart I can analyse it without using my live charts. If I want to use it in addition to my regular Fib charting I can do that as well, want to save a chart with the grid lines on - no problem, Nick added that feature in!

Plus the full video course on Fibonacci Trading

If you are new to Fib you need this course. If you are only using Fibonacci retracements you need this course! The three elements of Fibonacci Trading that combine fibonacci retracements with price and time extensions will transform your trading. The course consists of the theory of using Fibonacci, which are the correct Fib percentages to use, the 'secret' Fibs are fully revealed here together with, real world, practical examples of Fibonacci retracements, price and time extensions that will give you an unfair advantage when it comes to deciding if a price level is at a genuine reversal or not.

View the FibGrid video that shows how to use the Fibonacci Grid for all your Fibonacci Analysis click this link

So just what do you get with the Fibonacci Trading Course?

  • Comprehensive video tutorials on how to apply Fib in your trading

  • The correct way to use, not only retracements, that are only part of the story, but also linking this with extensions, expansions and time

  • Easy to follow instep by step instructions on using the main elements of Fib

  • Revealed to you - the so called 'Secret Fibs' that will transform your Fib trading

  • A fully functioning life time licence for the Fib & Click GridTM software

  • Practical, actual and real world video examples of the Fib & Click Grid in action showing where to place your trades

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Not only will you be able to make full use of Fib & Click GridTM with a life time licence but you also have immediate access to:

Plus the full Fibonacci Video Workshop Series

The two most powerful Fibonacci Patterns are the Gartley and BAT Patterns, you will also receive these step by step videos showing how to find them and then exactly where to enter your trades and then exit for maximum profit!